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We are a collaboration of experienced chartered town planners and development professionals drawn from diverse backgrounds with one common purpose – to deliver excellent development solutions to you, our clients. We do this by putting the right people and resources in the right place to suit your needs.

We have national coverage, provided locally. Our collaborative structure gives us the flexibility to quickly bring in the right resources, skills and local expertise to suit the needs of any project. If your scheme requires local knowledge, we can provide a local expert. If its more complex needing more resources and specialist expertise, we’ll provide that too. This minimises costs to us and you and provides exactly what you need, when you need it, so you can be sure you’ll get a tailored solution for YOUR project at an excellent price. We provide ‘director-level’ service at a fraction of the cost of the ‘major’ players.

Our strength is our knowledge and ethos. Mixing public and private sector experience means we intimately know how councils work from the inside and gives us a strong commercial planning edge. We are also human – we know what service we would like to receive and this is what you get from us.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the best possible service, value and outcomes. To do this we are committed to our principle core values.



When you work with us you work with a consultant who has attained a level of experience putting them equal or above associate level in a conventional firm. But we take this further – our specialists bring with them a proven track record of achieving brilliant results, allowing us to tailor solutions to meet your needs. At orbis we thrive on a creative and open approach, but this can only be delivered with a deep and thorough understanding of the planning system and how it operates.


We work on both sides of the planning system and so we know how the system works. We know how councils work and the people who run them. It’s a bit of an art knowing what and when to push and when not to, but this is part of our strength and reason for our success. We are naturally positive – many a time we’ve achieved development solutions when others haven’t see that same opening. We work with and around the problem and will leave no stone unturned in reaching your goals.

Honesty & Clarity

This seems obvious in a professional world, but we mean REAL honesty. Planning involves an ever changing policy climate and is administered by actual people. This means it can offer up countless uncertainties, so you don’t need any more uncertainty from your planning consultant. At orbis it is our job to quickly evaluate the issues and offer you real, honest and no-nonsense advice, tailored to suit your requirements. And if it isn’t going to work or we think you’d best be served elsewhere, we’ll tell you straight up and make those contacts for you – we’ve no interest in chasing lost causes for the sake of profit.

We Care

These aren’t just words – we really do care. We care about you, your family and your business and we deeply care about getting the right result. We care about changing things for the better and of course, we care about ourselves. We have a bottom line like everyone else, but this is not our be-all and end-all – when we talk about our wins, we talk about projects, places and people. We know deep down that if we look after these, our business will look after itself. We are proud that a vast amount of our clients stay with us year after year, or refer us to their associates too, and we’d like you to as well once you have used our services.

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