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A brownfield site in the open countryside, outside of development limits. Having failed to gain consent for housing in 2006 our client approached Orbis with some caution, but his current business on site was not performing as it should and he was looking to retire. We quickly set to exploring options for the site in light of new and emerging planning policy, legal judgements and appeals and concluded. Working with architects we had options drawn up and logically negotiated away the concerns of the council. A proposal for 6 new substantial dwellings is the successful result, allowing our client to market this for sale or commence construction himself.

Again knowledge, an optimistic outlook and a very close and honest working relationship with the client was key to success in this instance, typical of our holistic approach to development projects wherever they are.



Orbis’ creators worked with a major housebuilder to deliver 35+ houses centrally to a prominent Surrey commuter town. Whilst there was general support for housing on this redundant ex-institutional plot, there was still a lot to agree in terms of scale, layout and the provision of affordable housing. Whilst this took some time to resolve (the wheels of government often turn slowly), we were able to achieve the desired results ending in planning permission and the delivery of much needed family housing in a highly accessible town centre location.

Working on a site that has a land use already designated should be straight forward, but is still takes knowledge, experience and confidence to be able to steer an appropriate line through to a successful outcome.



Orbis was commissioned to carry out a feasibility study of land to rear of a client’s house in this small North Yorkshire village. A full assessment allowed us to conclude that despite being a greenfield site the land would be suitable for housing provided the right approach was taken. Architects had originally drawn up a scheme of 4 houses but from a design approach we felt this would be too cautious – it would be better to be bold and design the houses in a similar scale and density to that of the existing village. A full contextual study informed this and gave a solid founding in discuss this openly with council officers. The clients now have tacit approval to develop 5+ houses on this exclusive rural site.

Here, our extensive policy knowledge and experience meant we knew there was scope to put a strong case forward here. It was then a case of using our skills in presentation and negotiation, working closely with the architects, to convince council officers the same.


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