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Posted on: October 10th, 2017 by Orbis

This client approached us in 2013 and was referred from another client. He was considering whether to purchase a half hectare agricultural plot on the edge of a town in Stockport’s Green Belt. We were able to advise there was a good case to argue for development but at that point, any purchase had to be seen as being speculative – there were many hoops to jump through before a development could be achieved. The site was purchased and we set out to create a planning strategy to achieve his aims for the site. Through thorough research and analysis we were able to build a strong planning case, including a move from creating one house on the plot to two, and justifying this with sound townscape analysis and reasoning. This scheme also involved detailed support from ecologists, tree specialists and highways engineers to head off any adverse arguments, and relied in part on an innovative look at ‘fall back’ positions using recent case law to secure a recommendation for approval. The result will be two, high spec 6 bedroom houses in an exclusive area on previously protected, but severely underused, open space.

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