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Posted on: October 9th, 2017 by Orbis

We’ll admit that even with our ‘can-do’ attitude our initial view on receiving the enquiry for this case was a little sceptical. The client’s brief was to convert a family home into a children’s nursery in a suburb of Birmingham. Whilst this in itself is not a game changer the house in question was a typical detached house in a 1970s low density estate, surrounded by other family housing and virtually no commercial enterprises. Nonetheless on further consideration it was clear that a case could be made here based on applying Council policy normally intended for more urban fringe Victorian houses to this site. Noise, parking and amenity were the key issues to resolve, and we were able to demonstrate that this site in particular would have such unique characteristics that it would not merit a refusal. It would also represent a very sustainable approach to childcare provision in surroundings that are totally suited to young children. Nonetheless we had to argue the case in front of committee to achieve this, and the nursery itself has operated very successfully now for over two years. On the back of this orbis are tasked with advising our clients on new acquisitions to expand their business across Birmingham and to secure timely permissions on selected sites.

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