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Quite simply we do planning, and we do it well. But what sets us apart and why choose us?

At Orbis we invest in you, just like you invest in us. We look at the bigger picture. We get to know you, your project and your needs. And we’ll leave no stone unturned in getting the right outcome for you. Your success is our success.

We understand that planning can be complicated. There are hoops to be jumped through, hurdles to overcome. Each year it seems ever more loaded with more and more requirements and protocols. We know the system inside out, and where there is sometimes confusion there is often opportunity, and we LOVE finding opportunity. We’ll use our extensive experience, knowledge and tenacity to navigate any hurdles, minuses costs and time, providing you with the best options open to you.

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Planning Applications, LDCs, other approvals

Our core work – assessments and prep of planning applications or appeals that fully meet statutory requirements and give your proposals the fullest support. Front-loading is often of the utmost importance, but even the simplest proposals can get bogged down once submitted, and this is sometimes where the real art starts. At this stage our knowledge, contacts and skills facilitate effective liaison and negotiation with officers and other third parties – often crucial in securing success and/or minimising time delays.

We work across all sectors, including:-

  • Housing – Householder to New Build
  • Care Homes and Retirement Living
  • Education and Nursery Provision
  • Town Centre and Retail
  • Leisure Uses
  • Sporting Facilities, including MUGA and Sports Lighting
  • Office, Commercial and Industrial Units
  • Energy, Biomass, Wind and Anaerobic Digestion

Let our skilled planners take you through this process to achieve your objectives.


No one wants an appeal, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. if planning has failed we love to represent you. Our background, knowledge and ethos mean we will cut to the chase, quickly focus on the facts and provide your case with the best prospects. We are tenacious in appeals too, and our innovative thinking has brought many appeals to a successful conclusion when at first they may have seemed to be lost causes. Contact us to discuss your needs and see where we can help you.

In many appeals we can also offer no win – limited fee agreements and we have an excellent record of obtaining costs awards to you, from the council.

Feasibility, Site Appraisals

Want to know what you can do or even what your land might be worth? Get a professional assessment of the development capacity of your land whether this is speculative or with a specific proposal in mind. Build on this with pre-application submissions to your council to determine what is needed and, what is not needed, giving you certainty and minimising costs and delays at a later stage.

Project Assembly and Management

We operate within a network of other like-minded specialists and we cherish these professional relationships. Being planners we are often in there at the beginning, and can draw upon our many contacts to bring together your project team. Allow us to assess your development needs and bring together all relevant specialists to suit your requirements in one handy package. We work especially close with many architects and can recommend and manage firms from our many trusted contacts to deliver exactly what you require (or even, what your project might need to get it through past the finishing post). Includes management and tendering process.

Community Liaison and Publicity

Nowadays there’s both a statutory need and a commercial benefit in presenting your proposals to the public. This can inform your proposal and garner support along the way, reducing time and work at the later stages. We can advise on best methods and devise a process suitable for your needs. We’ll provide expert advice on collating and presenting Statements of Community Involvement to officers of the Council, including the use of social media, visual displays and public participation meetings.

Energy and Sustainability

Whether you want to build a carbon-neutral home or you need to meet a Council’s sustainability criterion, we can assess, review and provide all necessary assessments required, cutting end use costs and increasing saleability in doing so.

Enforcement: Protecting Your Rights

Enforcement can be a worrying time, but don’t panic! Contact us we can quickly assess the situation and its implications, seek a solution now or negotiate a successful strategy for you to protect your interests now and into the future. We know this is an area of planning where under pressure and often under-staffed councils can often serve in error, or in haste.

If you receive an enforcement notice you do need to act quickly, but contact us first and let our experts make an immediate free appraisal of your situation before advising you on your best course of action.

Land and Site Promotion

Think your land is suitable for housing (or any other development)? Get in touch and we can make a thorough assessment of its potential and promote this through the strategic planning process via the Council’s ‘Call for Sites through to representing you at the Local Plan Examination.

Site Finding / Developer referrals

We meet a lot of developers and we see a lot of sites, and we’re on top of current and changing land use policies across the country. To us bringing these together makes perfect sense. If you are a developer looking for your next investment opportunity, a business looking to expand with specifics in mind, or you want to bring on board an investor into your scheme, contact us – we can facilitate and manage the process for the benefit of all.


We’ll represent you in third party proposals. We can quickly assess your concerns, advise whether you have a valid planning objection and otherwise strengthen your approach to neighbour objections, negotiating with Council’s if necessary and scrutinising their legal handling of any planning issue. It can be both cost effective and certainly more pertinent to let one of our experts assist you in putting your best case forward.


Lifestyle & Bespoke Projects

We also offer a fully bespoke service for many client projects, please contact us for more information and to discuss your requirements with a member of the Orbis team.

Lifestyle & Bespoke

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